Wheel Alignment Machine
Wheel Alignment Machine is light in weight, high precision and user friendly in operation. The machine is easy to set-up and used for fixing the tires in vehicle. It is designed in compact and modern style with high standard mechanical parts.
Wheel Balancer Machine

Wheel Balancing Machine are used for two, three and four wheeler vehicles for aligning the tires in proper angle. The machine is light weight, compact and sturdy in construction. It is simple to operate and set-up due to simple function.

Tyre Changer
Tyre Changer is equipped with movable control unit, hydraulic system and locking jaws. The equipment is compact in shape, standard in design and consumes low power supply. It is widely used in car showrooms and repairing center.
PUC Machine
PUC Machine is made from high grade stainless steel body. It is used for checking and keeping the record of the pollution level. The equipment is easy to operate and has durable life quality. Additionally, machine has LED display screen.
Nitrogen Inflator Machine
Nitrogen Inflator Machines are offered in different specifications. These machines can maintain maximum 99% pure nitrogen. These machines are 194 kg in gross weight. High strength, reasonable price and ergonomic appearance are their main features.
Tyre Inflators
Quick to install, this range of Tyre Inflators incorporates latest features into their design. Offered low maintenance systems have long working life. These have LCD display screen for viewing air pressure in different units. Smooth operation is one of their main aspects.
Car Lift
Car Lifts are constructed with hard steel metal and coated with heat resistant paint to make corrosion resistance and durable in life. The lifts have the capacity of lifting the product upto weight of 2720 kg.
Car AC Charging Machine
Car AC Charging Machine is constructed in compact shape with modern function. It is used to check and test the AC of the vehicles. The machine provides higher capacity of 12.3 kg with R-134a refrigerant. It is user friendly and durable in quality.
Car Hoists
Offered array of Car Hoists deserves praise for its optimum lifting speed. These systems are capable of lifting car within 50 sec irrespective of weight of vehicles. These require maximum 20 Mpa oil pressure and 0.8 Mpa air pressure. Long working life and low operating cost are their main aspects.
Body Shop Equipment
This range of Body Shop Equipment has been specially developed to reduce production cost and to raise output of welding unit and paint booth. Offered in different specifications, these machines are user friendly. Long working life, low maintenance design and high strength are their key aspects.
Test Lane

Vehicle manufacturers and repair shops use test lane to carry out several tests to make sure the superior vehicle performance. It checks automatic start-up, interface connection, single wheel switching and more factors related to the health of a vehicle.

Infrared Dryer

Infrared dryer produces heat for the drying purpose. This compact drying system does not heat the environment but only the product. Uniform heating is the benefit of using this dryer.

Headlight Aligner

Align headlight beam of two wheelers and four wheelers using a headlight aligner. This easy to use system makes sure that the alignment is accurate. Featuring analog/digital luxmeter, this aligner has specific column height, lens type and lens diameter.

Dent Puller Machine
This array of Dent Puller systems requires 22 kVa input power. These need up to 5800 A maximum welding current. Dimension of these machines is 376 x 172 x 304 mm and these weigh 35 kg.
Digital Inflator Tower
Digital Inflator Tower is made form high grade stainless steel metal. The pump provides 150 psi pressure for filling the tyres with the accurate air pressure. It has LED display screen, control buttons and memory option for keeping the record of data.

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